Summer Camp June20-22: Breaking Creative Blocks Through Songwriting

Unleash Your Musical Potential at The Core’s Summer Camp

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming summer camp for ages 12-18 that aims to break creative blocks through the power of songwriting. This three-day program, in association with Music Generation Mayo, is for aspiring songwriters and musicians of all skill levels. Held in the Ballina Arts Centre, this camp offers the opportunity to explore the art of songwriting and overcome creative obstacles.

The summer camp will span three days, running from 10am to 1.30pm, providing participants with ample time to dive deep into the world of song creation. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned musician, this camp offers a supportive environment to nurture your creative talents.

The camp offers flexible pricing options. For those looking to attend a single day, the cost is only 20 euros, while the full three-day package is available at a discounted rate of 50 euros. The Core members will benefit from further discounts, making this an affordable opportunity for all aspiring songwriters.

Participants will explore various aspects of song-writing. From finding inspiration to crafting melodies and writing lyrics, the camp will cover the essential elements of the song-writing process. Through engaging workshops, collaborative activities, and personalized guidance, attendees will learn techniques to overcome creative blocks and develop their unique musical voice.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to break through creative barriers and unlock your musical potential. Join us for three days of exploration, collaboration, and growth, as you go on an exciting song-writing journey. Register today and get ready to unleash your creativity in the supportive and inspiring atmosphere of The Core.

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