“My 13 year old son attended a Core camp this summer for the first time. He loved it so much he signed up for a second camp and has now joined as a member of The Core. His experiences have infused him with confidence and has grown him in branching out from classical piano to try other musical styles as well to his great delight. Philip’s great experience and encouraging style has had a tremendous impact on my sons’s music and his person.  The new friends my son now has to jam with are an added bonus!”
-Brendan Meyerink, Ballina.

“I like The Core because it is an accessible, informal and non-competitive space for young people where their love of music is nurtured. It’s very well organised and a place where each student is encouraged to express themselves and try out different styles of music. Each student is valued as an individual and supported in their journey to build on their ability and follow their dream”
-Kathleen Collins, Cooneal.

“Ben has been a member of The Core since it began.  He attends the open mic sessions throughout the year and The Core music stage lunchtime concerts during the Ballina Salmon Festival. Even though he doesn’t perform on stage, he prefers to concentrate on the sound and equipment offstage.  Philip also runs music workshops throughout the year where they write, perform, record and produce songs, which Ben really enjoys as he gets tips and advice on sound engineering/production from fellow Core members and Philip. On the whole I find Philip very encouraging and approachable. He involves all Core members in all their musical interests and I know Ben is enjoying being a member.”
Ann Lynott, Crossmolina.

“My Daughter was diagnosed with higher functioning Autism when she was 13,she felt very lonely and different from anyone else she knew. Her one love was music. We were told about Music Generation by Western Care ,she started out going to Jam Bands in Claremorris and then onto The Core in Ballina where she has thrived ! She has lots of friends who accept her for who she is and tutors /musicians who treat her as an equal and give her and every member all the support and encouragement she could ever need. She has performed in front of small crowds and in front of crowded streets in Ballina. Her confidence has soared and looks forward to every minute she spends with everyone in The Core. Joining was the best thing we’ve done for her.”

We were first introduced to The Core through Music Generation Mayo. Niall joined in October 2016 and subsequently met with other young music enthusiasts from across the county . During his time so far , he has performed at events hosted by The Core such as open mic’s and showcases and even had the experience of an interview and performance on Mid West Radio .These opportunities help young musicians enhance and develop their skills. He , along with other band members from Lean attended a recording / production camp and through this they experienced recording one of their original songs which they later released on Spotify and iTunes; this was something they certainly would not have achieved so soon without the expertise ,guidance and support from Philip and all at The Core. We found The Core a relaxing and enjoyable experience that also helped confidence building and self – esteem .
Majella Coffey, Ballyhaunis

Lauren was a member of The Core for only six  months but she found the experience really positive and rewarding. Being able to perform in public for the first time with her guitar was a huge milestone and the safety of the open mic nights was fabulous.
-Paddy Thornton, Foxford

“The Core is a great outlet for young musicians to develop their talent with recording facilities provided and added opportunities for performing. It’s wonderful!”
Aine Bashford, Carrowteige.